Hi Riz,

Nice writeup!

I like the animation. ... But you should add, that it may make you 
"sea-sick" :)

On Saturday, October 15, 2016 at 7:04:37 PM UTC+2, Riz wrote:
> ....

> *Method 3*
> <div class=<<frame-classes>> style=<<custominlinestylevar>>><$list 
> filter="[all[shadows+tiddlers]tag[$:/tags/ViewTemplate]!has[draft.of]]" 
> variable="listItem"><$transclude tiddler=<<listItem>>/></$list>
> </div></$set>
> </$tiddler></$set></$set>
IMO this method should be the "last resort" if 1 and 2 are not possible! 

It's hardcoding a style for the div, which is basically unchangeable. So it 
has the potential to break themes / CSS rules and the problem will be very 
hard to find. 


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