The contributors on this site (almost) all suffer from the curse of 

People talk about some characteristic I would like my Wiki to have, and the 
thread authoritatively links to some GitHub repository. This confuses me.

I have followed instructions and setup my own GitHub repository (was I 
supposed to independently install Git?). All the tutorials are designed to 
teach forking, branching, committing, and merging. I don't want any of that.

I just want to acquire the functionality, install the plugin, or whatever 
it's called.

There's a whole bunch of stuff there: Gitignores, Readmes, Dockers, Gems, 
and even "instructions" with racing graphics.

For the newbie like me (and you) - all this is useless. GitHub is not my 
intended destination - I don't want to develop software or "version control 
collaborate" with anybody (for now) - I just want to load the darned thing 
and try it out on a new Starter Wiki.

Have you figured this out or can you understand my confusion?

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