Hi Mark, 

Thanks for confirming it works (and the problem is on my end...)

I am using TW5 version 5.1.13 on a MacBook Air at a Starbucks coffee shop. 
Brand new Empty renamed Wiki. 

I have created a handful of wikis and have managed to variably load plugins 
to them from links I came across. The Wikis behave differently and I am 
trying to remove the variables. Disabling plugins doesn't make them act 
normal again, so there must be some system or shadow tiddlers or system 
settings I've tripped.

So I load a new Starter Wiki, and document EVERYTHING I do to it (1 - 
rename it, 2 - create a Contents tab in SideBar, 3 - load a test plugin... 
- NOPE!)

On Saturday, October 15, 2016 at 8:03:47 PM UTC-4, JWHoneycutt wrote:
> I am following directions for Standalone Configuration from tiddler:
> "Installing a plugin from the plugin library"on TiddlyWiki.com 
> I open my new Wiki from the Firefox browser (and also Google Chrome) and 
> hit a wall at step 4 - there is no double chevron to click on
> the Search box gives no results, and the tabs suggest there are zero 
> plugins, themes, or languages available.
> Did I find something the Core team may be able to tweak, or (more likely) 
> I am just missing something...
> Thanks in advance - 

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