Coffee shop! You can blame the caffeine! No, really. What is the connection 
like there? Spotty sometimes?

It looks like if you attempt to load the plugins while the connection is 
down, and then save (at least with the standard save mechanism), that you 
will get zero plugins and themes AND after that you are not offered a 
second chance to pull the list. It's this second part that seems to be an 
oversight, since new plugins are always coming up.

The settings appear to be maintained in temp tiddlers that hang around and 
prevent the chevron button from giving you a second chance. 

Try deleting tiddler 


and seeing if you can now complete step #4.

Good luck!
On Saturday, October 15, 2016 at 6:07:31 PM UTC-7, JWHoneycutt wrote:
> Hi Mark, 
> Thanks for confirming it works (and the problem is on my end...)
> I am using TW5 version 5.1.13 on a MacBook Air at a Starbucks coffee shop. 
> Brand new Empty renamed Wiki. 
> I have created a handful of wikis and have managed to variably load 
> plugins to them from links I came across. The Wikis behave differently and 
> I am trying to remove the variables. Disabling plugins doesn't make them 
> act normal again, so there must be some system or shadow tiddlers or system 
> settings I've tripped.
> So I load a new Starter Wiki, and document EVERYTHING I do to it (1 - 
> rename it, 2 - create a Contents tab in SideBar, 3 - load a test plugin... 
> - NOPE!)
> On Saturday, October 15, 2016 at 8:03:47 PM UTC-4, JWHoneycutt wrote:
>> I am following directions for Standalone Configuration from tiddler:
>> "Installing a plugin from the plugin library"on 
>> I open my new Wiki from the Firefox browser (and also Google Chrome) and 
>> hit a wall at step 4 - there is no double chevron to click on
>> the Search box gives no results, and the tabs suggest there are zero 
>> plugins, themes, or languages available.
>> Did I find something the Core team may be able to tweak, or (more likely) 
>> I am just missing something...
>> Thanks in advance - 

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