I'm trying to generate a list of tiddlers and fields that have yet to be 

This list:

<table><$list filter=[tag[demographics]val[]]>
<tr><td><$link to={{!!title}}><$view field="title"/>
<td><$edit-text tag="input" field="val" placeholder="(empty)" 
minHeight="20px" /></td>

generates a list of all the tiddlers tagged "demographics" that whose field 
"val" is empty.  The purpose is that in a new file it should list all the 
fields to input, but in an older file (some of who's values I've already 
inputted some fields) I only want to see what is yet unedited.

*** The problem is that as soon as I type the first character into the edit 
box for that field, the item disappears off the list.

Is there a way to tell the list to only render when the tiddler first 


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