Mark - Thanks for asking.

I want complete control over my wiki. 
I want to make it accessible on the web, and not with a link to my Dropbox, 
or in a way that has my name all over it.
I want it securely encrypted.
I want to know who is logging in to access it, so that I can verify their 
identity. (Facebook login confirmation?)
I want to be able to control what portions of the wiki are available, and 
individually expand what is available over time.
I need to restrict/eliminate the viewer's ability to edit a tiddler.
I need the viewer to be able to provide comments/suggestions for me be able 
to incorporate into the wiki.
I need to create a separate wiki for each different viewer, if they chose 
to enter personal information into it.

This is all about medical records - so the controls have HIPAA and legal 


On Saturday, October 15, 2016 at 8:51:14 PM UTC-4, JWHoneycutt wrote:
> The contributors on this site (almost) all suffer from the curse of 
> expertise. 
> People talk about some characteristic I would like my Wiki to have, and 
> the thread authoritatively links to some GitHub repository. This confuses 
> me.
> I have followed instructions and setup my own GitHub repository (was I 
> supposed to independently install Git?). All the tutorials are designed to 
> teach forking, branching, committing, and merging. I don't want any of that.
> I just want to acquire the functionality, install the plugin, or whatever 
> it's called.
> There's a whole bunch of stuff there: Gitignores, Readmes, Dockers, Gems, 
> and even "instructions" with racing graphics.
> For the newbie like me (and you) - all this is useless. GitHub is not my 
> intended destination - I don't want to develop software or "version control 
> collaborate" with anybody (for now) - I just want to load the darned thing 
> and try it out on a new Starter Wiki.
> Have you figured this out or can you understand my confusion?

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