Hi Mr. Mal,

On Sunday, October 16, 2016 at 9:43:18 AM UTC+2, Mr. Mal wrote:
> Can we put validation at edittext form

hmmmm, ... not with that much specification. ... IMO your request can mean 
everything, so I doubt someone will touch it. ... 


hmmmm, ... maybe ... if we would know, what you have in mind?


TiddlyWiki already has some sort of "input validation" if you look a the 
"tag", "field" or "tiddler-type" input editors. Those editors show a list 
of specific values, that are possible ... and ... you can enter a new 
value, which isn't part of the list. 

   - Would this be an option for your use-case?  
   - If yes it should be straight forward and "relatively" simple to 
      implement something. 
      - If no ... more work and more info will be needed. 

Just some thoughts: 

It should be possible to add a new parameter to the <$edit-text> widget eg: 
"validate-format", which contains a regexp that describes the format, which 
is expected. .. The advantage of regexp'ses is, that they have "super 
powers" ... but ... the disadvantage is, that they get complicated very 
fast and are not suitable for every user. 

A second possibility would be to create something like the "date-format" 
see: http://tiddlywiki.com/#DateFormat  to describe, what is expected. The 
advantage here is, it's simpler for users but exponentially more work to 
implement. .. Since we would need to create a "new validation language" 
first, that fits our needs. 


So *how does your input look like* and *how can we describe it*, so that a 
validation mechanism can check it?

have fun!


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