Yes, Jed - 

Thanks for the thorough reply.

I am not going to share medical or identity information TO Facebook or 
Google. I want to provide general information in a single HTML file Wiki to 

If an end user chooses to, they can enter their personal identifying 
information and this information can be used to access THEIR specific 
medical file from the electronic health record. At that point, I intend for 
the end user to have created a separate Wiki that the client (alone) can 
control access to - (it's their sensitive and personal information). My 
vision is that it is therefore a personalized wiki on a hosted location or 
downloaded onto their hard disk. The risks associated with this would need 
to be explained to the end user, just like they are when you access your 
medical records using the hospital system now. Once the end user has write 
capability, they are no longer using the general info wiki. 

In some well done Wikis - I see a "comment" icon - looks like a bubble. I 
am hoping to provide this bubble on the general information Wiki - so that 
subject matter experts can provide useful information about a process that 
is constantly changing.  At the same time, i need to protect the general 
info wiki from willful sabotage or inadvertent misinformation, since that 
would damage the credibility of the whole process.


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