On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 8:00 AM, Danielo Rodríguez <rdani...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> importvariables widget doesn't work unless all the tiddlers being imported
>> are opened manually ahead of time
> That is probably an issue related to skinny tiddlers. If the variables are
> defined inside the text field they are not loaded unless the text field is
> required. I think this should be fixed by TW. Just to be curious, what
> problems does this cause to you?

I had written some macros and I was using import variables to make
them available to a tiddler. The functionality of those macros didn't
work until I manually loaded the tiddlers containing the macros. I
know there is a special tag which makes macros globally available...I
didn't try that to see if it has the same issue.

>> Drafts - directly opening a draft is empty. "Directly opening a draft"
>> happens when you have a tiddler in draft mode (and it gets saved that way)
>> and then you refresh the browser. Steps to reproduce:
> I'm aware of this issue. I'm not sure why is this happening instead of
> displaying the draft for editing. In any case, if you edit the draft you
> will see there your content so not actual data loss is happening.

How do you edit the draft? When I click on the link for "Draft of xxx"
it opens already in edit mode with blank body. What is the step #5
after the 4 reproduction steps I listed? I haven't found a way to
recover the content.

>> Manual load of any tiddler required before accessing anything other than
>> title field. This affects
>> Search can only match on titles
>> Any list filters matching against fields other than title field. I have
>> several pieces of custom functionality which use such filters
> That is actually not true. Search can match titles and tags and you can tune
> it to match agains any field you want. For example, you can define a summary
> field that is included on search too. You should not have any problem with
> fields because all fields except the text field are loaded as part of the
> skinny version.

You are right. Turns out I hadn't noticed I was using importvariables
in these tiddlers and incorrectly blamed misbehaving functionality on
fields not being loaded rather than on broken importvariables.



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