Hi Thomas,

Thanks! I don't know how soon I will be packing something. Though I might 
do my customized version of Ton's Top Left Menu, I used a JSON back when I 
first created it, but did try a plugin version made with Tinka. Reminds me, 
probably should put some of the things I had on Dropbox up on Tiddlyspot, 
then go back to old posts and put in a new link. (Just found out how to do 

I used my version of Left Menu recently to help a friend put together a 
tutorial for the portable versons of Blender 3D and MakeHuman. 
http://portable3d.tiddlyspot.com It is large due to embedded images for 
off-line use.

That was what got me thinking about TW.

Again, thanks for the link to Tinka.


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