I have been learning about javascript macros recently and was trying to 
create a simple one to start with, but I can't seem to get it to work. I've 
read lots of documentation, forums, etc., but still can't seem to figure 
out why it won't work. Here is what I've been doing. I set up two tiddlers, 
JsTiddler and RunTiddler. I added a very simple javascript macro to 
JsTiddler, and set its type = "application/javascript" and module-type = 
"macro". Here is the text:
title: JsTiddler
type: application/javascript
module-type: macro

/*jslint node: true, browser: true */
/*global $tw: false */
"use strict";

exports.name = "jstiddler";

exports.params = [];

Run the macro
exports.run = function() {
    return "Hello World";


I then created a second tiddler to import and display the macro called 
RunTiddler. This is its text:
<$importvariables filter="[[JsTiddler]]">
<$macrocall $name="jstiddler" />

However, when I run this, all I get is a blank tiddler.  I have tried 
filtering in different ways (such as using tags), but that didn't help 
either. I have also been able to use <<now>> and <<version>> in both <<>> 
and <$macrocall> syntax, so I know that my wiki can use js tiddlers. Can 
anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.

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