Hi all!

I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts about using tw5 for interactive 
fiction, like Twine.

I have a semester long assignment to create an interactive fiction story, but I 
have to make heavy use of multimedia and images.

I have some experience with Twine, but, it doesn't scale very well, and I'm 
going to be collaborating with other students.

We know how to use git, and being able to externalize our images and scenes 
into .tid files would be profoundly helpful. Using Twine is awkward because 
we're just committing a single html file, and we can't really merge changes.

We are also required to extend an existing technology, and not just use someone 
else's code.

But I'm not exactly sure where to start.

Does anyone have any thoughts on my plan?

Is anyone familiar with the architecture of Twine, and how much it has 
inherited from Tiddlywiki? Should I try to adapt any of it?

I feel like the overhead graphical links could be represented with tiddlymap 
(our story has to be very big). And I wanted to use HTML image maps for our 
interactive comic pages.

I would like to start on creating a new interactive fiction platform, and I 
will be certain to share my repo if it works out.

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