Thanks for creating stuff Thomas!!! :-D

Could you just add a few words about what the Clipboard is supposed to 
achieve? I read the thread you refer to but it is a not quite clear plus if 
someone visits your site with the plugins they will probably not see the 
discussion reference. Perhaps a 2-3 sentence description either on your 
site or as a readme tiddler in the plugin? 

BTW, in case you didn't know and because you're quickly becoming one of the 
prominent plugin makers; A shadow tiddler titled $:/...path../readme (note 
all lower case "readme") will have its contents shown automatically in the 
plugin library when you expand the plugin dropdown.

Keep it up amigo!


On Thursday, February 16, 2017 at 1:29:30 AM UTC+1, Thomas Elmiger wrote:
> Hi all,
> Inspired by Josiah and David in a recent thread 
> <!msg/tiddlywiki/8INhjMUGNDs/gdVAXvtkCAAJ> 
> I built another plugin for the TW editor: Clipboard
> Feel free to
> a) *make a backup first*
> b) get the plugin from 
> c) give it a try and send some feedback :)
> In the settings you are able to …
> Show/Hide Clipboard Fields
>    - Show clipboard
>       - text field
>       - title clipboard
> Editor Toolbar: Activate Buttons for the Clipboard
>    - fold/unfold
>    - clipboard preview popup
>    - insert text
>    - insert title as link
>    - insert title as transclusion
> Editor Title: Show Copy-Button
>    - Show copy-title button
> Have fun, but remember: this is a beta => no warranties!
> Thomas

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