The $(Variable)$ syntax only works when used inside a macro and the 
variable was defined outside of the macro. Also there are some extra }} in 
your code.

Here is one way to make it work:

\define InnerMacro()
<$vars seminar={{$(foc)$!!Seminar}} clipname={{$(foc)$!!clip}} 
<video controls id="fullstart" width=600px poster={{$(foc)$!!poster}}> 
<source src=<<cliplink>>> 


<$set name=foc value={{$:/HistoryList!!current-tiddler}}> 

but an easier way is probably to use the tiddler widget like this:

<$tiddler tiddler={{$:/HistoryList!!current-tiddler}}>
<$vars seminar={{!!Seminar}} clipname={{!!clip}} 
<video controls id="fullstart" width=600px poster={{!!poster}}> 
<source src=<<cliplink>>> 

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