Hi Folks, 

I pushed out the "uni-link" plugin 
<https://wikilabs.github.io/editions/uni-link/> [1]:  discussed here in a 
different thread [2], here in the group. 

It's a new parser for the the TW link / prettylink detection: eg: [[test]]  
... it links to the tiddler named: test  but it shows a different text. 
Depending on the fields available at the "test" tiddler. If used like this: 
text|test]] it behaves as in existing TWs. No special function used. prettylink 
text will be shown.

title: test
caption: short title
subtitle: a tiddler to test the uni-link plugin

So if the tiddler has no fields it shows: test
If the tiddler has a "caption" field is shows:  short title
If the tiddler has a "subtitle" field it shows: a tiddler to test the 
uni-link plugin
If the tiddler has both fields: a tiddler to test the uni-link plugin

So *the subtitle field wins*. .... 

This functionality is backwards compatible with existing tiddlywikis. So if 
tiddlers are copy / pasted between TWs, that don't have the plugin 
installed, it just falls back to the already existing behavior. Which imo 
is a nice idea, created by Mark S. in the first reply post 

There is a new parser "uni-link" that will be installed with the plugin. 
This parser is enabled by default an it will supersede the "prettylink" 
parser from the core. see: ControlPanel: Info: Advanced: Parsing

So if [[test]] is parsed it will be translated into a macro call like 
<<uni-link test>>, but with the nice twist, that it also works with a 
"fallback" if the plugin doesn't exist in a different TW. 

@All .... Feedback very welcome!

have fun!

[1] https://wikilabs.github.io/editions/uni-link/
[2] https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/tiddlywiki/Z7dRU3HrzSs

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