I just wanted to point out I have sucessfully installed an instance of 
TiddlyWiki on my Synology NAS using the NodeJS V4 package in the package 

It makes sence because the NAS is allways on. I have also learned you can 
in some models upgrade the RAM and will be doing that to support an 
additional load on the NAS. 

To do this I have to use SSH (Using Putty) to load the tiddlywiki session. 
All good, it works but I do niot know how to use the SSH session to leave 
tiddlywiki running. The server no longer responds when I close the Putty 
session. Any NodeJS or SSH Gurus out there know how to fix this?

The Synology NAS now hosts useful information about our internal networks 
and Servers, and I can easily add helpdesk services into a tiddlywiki and 
more. I was even wondering if it may be an easyier way to make use of the 
Browser app on the Smart TV buy browsing to a custom tiddlywiki setup with 
Canned Internet links and information, may be even media. 

I have not yet worked through the security implications, as perhaps I could 
get a DOS attack from fiilling the wiki with spamed tiddlers.

Anyway, I continue to be delighted with my foray into tiddlywiki version 5. 
In fact I think I need to "Get a life" :)


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