On Saturday, August 5, 2017 at 4:48:11 PM UTC-7, AlanBCohen wrote:
> Before I became disabled, I was a heavy user of some TW2 plugins; 
> especially ForEachTiddler. 

The TW5 native syntax that is most like ForEachTiddler is the <$list> 
widget (http://tiddlywiki.com/#ListWidget).  This widget takes a "filter 
expression" as a parameter. The *contents* inside the <$list>...</$list> 
widget block are then rendered "for each tiddler" that matches the 
specified filter.  By default the <$list> widget automatically sets the 
value of <<currentTiddler>>, so that any field references within the 
<$list>...</$list> widget block are relative each matched title.  You can 
use any combination of HTML and TW WikiText to format the output within the 
widget block.

> For example, I created a tiddler with a name like 'journal'. The contents 
> were a FeT that would list all the other tiddlers with the tag 'journal' 
> with various sort and formatting. 

Something like this:
(select all tiddlers with tag="journal" and sort by modification date, 
newest to oldest)

<$list filter="[tag[journal]!sort[modified]]">

Another use was tagging journals with a progectid. In separate tiddler 
> named the specific projectid, FeT was used to create a list of related 
> journals (later expanded to list all the tiddler.texts as a printable diary 
> for the projectid).

Something like this:
<$list filter="[tag<currentTiddler>!sort[modified]]">
      (<$view field="modified" format="date" template="MMM DDth, YYYY 
0hh:0mm:0ss" />)
      <blockquote><$transclude mode="block"/></blockquote>
Note that in the above example, the value of <currentTiddler> in the 
*filter* is DIFFERENT from the value of <<currentTiddler>> in the enclosed 
*content*.  Specifically, the filter syntax refers to the title of the 
tiddler in which the <$list> widget occurs and is used with the "tag" 
filter operator to select tiddlers tag with the current tiddler's title, 
while the content syntax refers to the title of each tiddler that is 
*matched* by the enclosing <$list> widget.

Also note: the filter syntax uses SINGLE brackets to delimit references, 
while the content syntax uses DOUBLED brackets.


Eric Shulman
TiddlyTools.com: "Small Tools for Big Ideas!" (tm)
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