So I'm setting up a TW page for collaborative work and I figured a nifty thing 
to have 
would be a "reply" button so that folks could hit that and it would 
automatically link the 
reply to the original tiddler. But...

1) How do I get the new tiddler to get titled "Re: <title of previous tiddler> ?

I tried this to no avail:

<<newTiddler title:{{Re: <$view field="title"/> }}
label:"Reply" >> 

Got the <$view field="title"/> bit from the group archives, here:


2) Would it be possible to automatically (through the above code) tag it in 
such a way 
that it would be connected (though it couldn't be through the title, as that 
may include 
spaces)... ie. the tag would show all tiddlers in a given conversation... Seems 
like this 
might be beyond the capacities of TW, though?

I should point out that I'm using the classic version of TW.


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