Hi, I am writing a syllabus for my course, and have a set of tiddlers 
tagged "Day" -- each has as a readable date as a title (i.e. Mon, Aug 28, 
2017). I also want students to be able to navigate on a 
first-previous-next-last through the class meeting tiddlers, so I created a 
field called "sortable-date" which renders dates as 20170828, and thus can 
be sorted.

When I view <<tag Day>> the tiddlers are sorted by title, of course. How do 
I sort the tiddlers by sortable-date instead, when rendered in the <<tag 
Day>> macro?

I tried putting this in the list field of Day: <$list 
filter="[tag[Day]sort[sortable-date]]"/> but it didn't work. 

And, I tried creating a tiddler {{sortable-dates}} which is a 
space-separated ordered list of the tiddlers, and transcluding that tiddler 
into the list field of [[Day]] but that didn't work either.

Seems there should be an option the specifies the sort order of tiddlers 
matching a tag...so I must be missing something...



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