Thank you a lot, from Japan!
It's a must for Kanji(Chinese) character!

How to→方法

2017年5月14日日曜日 12時50分07秒 UTC+9 Birthe C:
> Tiddler $:/config/Search/MinLength is default set to 3.
> Birthe
> Den søndag den 14. maj 2017 kl. 05.32.44 UTC+2 skrev chaonuo:
>> hi,
>> I rely on keywords (title, tags, fields etc) with only two character 
>> quite a lot (e.g. Q9, X8, E3 ...). but starting from Tiddlywiki 5.1.14, I 
>> can't search them anymore, instead I get the message "search text too 
>> short".
>> Is there a way to configure the lower limit of search text length? I 
>> really need to able to search short text with two characters. I will be 
>> very grateful for suggestions!

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