On Saturday, August 12, 2017 at 3:34:24 PM UTC-7, Steven Schneider wrote:
> I get how the <$text text={{tiddlerToShow}}/> works -- so I can see the 
> content with the //....
> But, how do I use my new tiddler [[tiddlerToShow]]? I need to be able to 
> do <$link to={{tiddlerToShow}}>{{tiddlerToShow}}</$link> and <$transclude 
> tiddler={{tiddlerToShow}}/>? There must be a magic text cleaning machine 
> that interprets the slashes for what they are, and not as markup...?

<$link to={{tiddlerToShow}}><$text text={{tiddlerToShow}}/></$link>

The "to" param of the <$link> widget is not *rendered*... thus, the "//" 
contained in the value is used as-is, and the <$text> widget within the 
link displays the tiddler title, with the "//" intact, as previously noted.

Likewise, with <$transclude tiddler={{tiddlerToShow}}/>, the "tiddler" 
param is not *rendered*... and the "//" is used as-is.


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