On Monday, August 14, 2017 at 12:18:53 PM UTC+2, @TiddlyTweeter wrote:
> Are Tiddlers named "$:/state/..." simply the TW equivalent of "Temp" files 
> that can be safely deleted?

partially right: ... state tiddlers are seved but $:/temp/... tiddlers are 
__not saved__ 

As the name says, "$:/state/..." tiddlers contain the TW state. eg: "which 
tab is selected" by the <<tabs ...>> macro, and so on. 
If you want to reset your TW to the initial state of eg: empty.html you can 
safely delete them. 

I even did create a plugin, to get rid of them 
<https://wikilabs.github.io/editions/remove-states/>. ... I need this 
plugin while developing stuff, to reset to a "well-defined" state ... 

> That's the easy part.
>    - I assume you could, in theory, call anything a "$:/state/anything" 
>    even if it were not be used for temporary data holding?
> right. ... you can name your tiddlers as you like. .. _but_ it may confuse 
you and your users in the future and will cost you a lot of time and money 
supporting your "mis-named" tiddlers. ... Nothing more to say ;)

>    - And you COULD, in theory, call a state tiddler 
>    "$:/not-a-state/confusion"?
> yea. ... see above

Naming tiddlers right is hard, if you don't want to create conflicting 
names. ... That's why there are some "best practices" in place. 

eg: naming conventions for plugin authors: 
$:/plugins/<author>/<plugin-name>/<tiddler-name> see my plugin above. 

or a list of names used by the core: 

have fun!

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