I used to use itsalltext the FireFox Plugin to open any browser text area 
in NotePad++  It is not longer working on current firefox versions.

I then used NotePad++ advanced search and replace features.

FireFox suggests a replacement withExEditor that looks like it will do the 
job however it uses a messaging system on the host (your computer) 
installed on nodeJS, so the setup is not as simple as I would hope however 
it may provide additional features at least developers may want to use, and 
may offer some ways to integrate with the desktop.

Here is the blurb from the plugin, which I will install and report on 
sooner or later.

*From the context menu (right click), you can "View source" "View 
selection" or "Edit text" with your favorite editor."View source" "View 
selection" or "Edit text" with your favorite editor.*
*Enabled in (X)HTML, JavaScript, CSS, MathML, SVG, XML, etc.*

*To use withExEditor, you also need to prepare a host which executes your 
*The browser interacts with the host via messages, and the editor is 
executed by the host.*
** withExEditorHost (GitHub) https://github.com/asamuzaK/withExEditorHost*

*Context Menus:*
** View Page Source with exEditor*
*Creates a copy of the page, save as a temporary file, and opens it with an 
external editor.*
*If you are browsing a local file, then the local file will be opened 

** View MathML Source with exEditor*
*Enabled on MathML elements, and shows a generated DOM tree.*

** View SVG Source with exEditor*
*Enabled on SVG elements, and shows a generated DOM tree.*

** View Selection with exEditor*
*Shows a generated DOM tree of selection in XML format.*
*If there are multiple ranges in selection, each range will be shown with a 
comment as a delimiter.*
*If the selection is not DOM parsable (like JavaScript, CSS), a file that 
contains only the range of text selected will be created.*

** Edit Text with exEditor*
*Enabled on input elements, textarea element and editable elements.*
*Edited contents will be synchronized when you go back to the browser and 
move focus to the element which you've edited.*

*The following items can be set.*
** Choose toolbar button icon.*
** Configure access key.*
** Choose whether to enable during private browsing.*
** Choose whether to enable only when content is editable.*
** Choose whether to enable automatically synchronize edited content on 
specific sites.*


On Saturday, February 3, 2018 at 11:57:47 AM UTC+11, Birthe C wrote:
> Must it be a bookmarklet? I am not good with regEx, so I have not used it, 
> but you should be able to use it 
> https://danielorodriguez.com/TW5-searchNreplace/ 
> Birthe

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