Diego, the instructions were amazing -- Thanks a ton, everything ended up 
working really well - have an awesome weekend :D

On Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at 6:03:06 PM UTC+1, Diego Mesa wrote:
> Hey Krishaan,
> I was in exactly this same boat. This is what I did.
>    1. Go to tiddlyspot.com and make a new site ID. This will be your url 
>    so choose it well. For example if you site ID is testingsite, you wiki 
> will 
>    be at testingsite.tiddlyspot.com
>    2. Download an empty from tiddlywiki.com
>    3. From the chrome browser (it didnt work for me in FF), open the 
>    empty and from the control panel go to:
>    - A: Go to Saving-->General and select: DO NOT Save changes 
>       automatically
>       - B: Go to Saving-->TiddlySpot Saver and put in your siteID and 
>       tiddlyspot password
>       4. Click the save button on the wiki 
> This should upload this empty tw5 to your tiddlyspot. Once its on 
> tiddlyspot, I just:
>    1. opened my tiddlyspot url from chrome 
>    2. Go to Saving-->TiddlySpot Saver and put in your siteID and 
>    tiddlyspot password
>    3. Dragged my local wiki with the content I want to be on tiddlyspot 
>    ONTO the tiddlyspot wiki to import it.
>    4. Clicked save on my tiddlyspot wiki 
> And voilĂ ! There it was.
> I know it should be simpler, and it probably is. But I spent 20 min trying 
> to get it to work the other day, and these are the only steps that worked 
> for me.
> Best,
> Diego
> On Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at 9:39:19 AM UTC-6, Krishaan Khubchand 
> wrote:
>> I've been trying to figure this out for 2 days and I haven't got a clue. 
>> The instructions on the FAQ make no sense, nor does 
>> tiddlywiki5.tiddlyspot.com -- Can someone please give me a layman set of 
>> instructions?

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