Am Montag, 12. Februar 2018 11:36:42 UTC+1 schrieb PMario:
> There is a second PR: 
> which may be similar. ... +1 this one too!
> Especially that one looks pretty similar to my code, but seems to do 
something differently.

Haven't figured out how to completely see that code and include it in my TW 
to try & test it.

Example of how mine would work:

Exampletiddler contains
Auf der Mauer, auf der Lauer sitzt 'ne kleine Wanze

First example regexp:
<$list filter="[regexp:text[auf der (\w+)]]"/>

will return "Lauer" - as "auf" doesn't match "Auf"

Second example regexp:
<$list filter="[regexp:text[(?i)auf der (\w+)]]"/>

will return "Mauer" - as "auf" now matches "Auf" and we didn't use global 

Third example regexp:
<$list filter="[regexp:text[(?gi)auf der (\w+)]]"/>

will return "Mauer" and "Lauer" - as we did a case-insensitive global search

Last Example
<$list filter="[regexp:text[(?i)auf der \w+]]"/>

will return "Exampletiddler" - as we have no capturing group and so the 
title is returned.

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