On Sunday, February 11, 2018 at 4:30:05 AM UTC+1, David Gifford wrote:
> This group is amazing. Sometime it is like the genie's lamp. I rub it a 
> little, and magical things start to happen. Thanks again for the fix to the 
> link-to-tabs.
Hi David, 

The idea worked :) ... but I also found an issue in the core :/ ... A 
temporary fix is relatively straight forward, so it can be shipped with the 
plugin. ... 

BUT .. I think the usability with *system tabs* and "auto-edit-mode" active 
is awful ... 

I do see your usecase for "user tabs", where it can make sense to activate 
tab-links auto-edit-mode. ... 

But once activated, I think, it is annoying if you want to just open 
"system tabs" eg: right sidebar. Since it opens the "You are about to 
overwrite a ShadowTiddler ... " dialog. ... And CTRL-Click, to avoid 
auto-edit just feels wrong. 

So in contrast to the proposal at github 
<https://github.com/wikilabs/plugins/issues/10#issuecomment-364384640> I 
intend to implement the following behaviour:

Default: existing behaviour
 - auto-edit not active.
 - clicking a tab-link will open a tiddler in view mode
 - clicking a tab-link will open a *shadow-tiddler* in view mode
 - CTRL clicking any tab-link will open the tiddler, but won't scroll it 
into view

tab-link auto-edit active: new behaviour

 - clicking a tab-link will open a tiddler in *edit* mode
 - clicking a tab-link will open a *shadow-tiddler* in view mode
 - CTRL-clicking tab-links for shadow-tiddlers *should force edit-mode*. 
.... I'm not sure, if this is possible. 

I'll publish a experimental bundle here, once I have a working version. 

What do you think? ..... 

Except: "How can this be so ยง$%& complicated ;)" ... yea ... me too!

have fun!


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