Hello Jed,

I am searching now for such a long time for a search / filter - 
possibility, where I can see my tags and choose them with checkboxes to 
build a search / filter by the choosen tags (with an AND command).

I have found this, which works for me very fine:

\define thisMakeList()
> <$list filter='[all[]$(Tag1)$$(Tag2)$$(Tag3)$$(Tag4)$]'>
> </$list>
> \end
> List of tags:
> <$checkbox tiddler='$:/state/Selected Tiddlers' field=tag1_field checked='
> tag[HelloThere]' unchecked=''>tag1</$checkbox>
> <$checkbox tiddler='$:/state/Selected Tiddlers' field=tag2_field checked='
> tag[Examples]' unchecked=''>tag2</$checkbox>
> <$checkbox tiddler='$:/state/Selected Tiddlers' field=tag3_field checked='
> tag[tag3]' unchecked=''>tag3</$checkbox>
> <$checkbox tiddler='$:/state/Selected Tiddlers' field=tag4_field checked='
> tag[tag4]' unchecked=''>tag4</$checkbox>
> Results:
> <$vars Tag1={{$:/state/Selected Tiddlers!!tag1_field}} 
> Tag2={{$:/state/Selected Tiddlers!!tag2_field}} Tag3={{$:/state/Selected 
> Tiddlers!!tag3_field}} Tag4={{$:/state/Selected Tiddlers!!tag4_field}}>
> <<thisMakeList>>
> </$vars>
> Yes, it really is a pain to make this (I have in most of my wikis about 
50-150 tags for searching/filtering...), but if it fulfill my wishes for a 
Multiple Tag Search, then no pain is too hard for me ;-)

But I have some questions for it, to have some "cream toppings" on it:

The most important one:
I want to see before the list-results, which tags I have choosen. I made it 
with this:

Choosed Tags:
<$list filter="[tag[Searchtest]]">
{{!!tag1_field}} {{!!tag2_field}} {{!!tag3_field}} {{!!tag4_field}} {{!!

But that is not really nice to look at it and it confuses a lot- especially 
for users who don't know anything about Tiddlywiki, visit my site, .
When I choosed tag "A" & "B", it shows Choosed Tags: tag[A] tag[B]
Is it possible, to show just Choosed Tags: A B?

And really fantastic would be, to have the choosen tags shown as their 
tag-labels (I mean with their colour & the rounded coloured shape around 
And also really fantastic would be, to have the little x in it, to remove 
them very fast from the search.

Is that possible?

Thanks in advance to you :-)

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