Hello folks,

on GitHub <https://github.com> there's a "trend" of listing useful 
programs/sources in repositories called "awesome-ios", 
"awesome-selfhosted", "awesome-thisandthat" ... there are many of those 

I found out about TW through the awesome-selfhosted list  (link 
<https://github.com/Kickball/awesome-selfhosted>)  where it's listed. But 
this suggests to me that TW is too hard to find for what it offers in 

I think it should make it to every list where it makes sense, we just need 
to make some pull requests or issues in those github repositories.

This is something we all can do to help spread the word about TW and that 
could come back like a boomerang in helping TW getting a larger userbase

What do you think?


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