Hi everybody,

I want to change the size & the colour of the frame around every tiddler.
I think, it's NOT the tiddler-frame (that should be the very narrow pink 
one in my picture, better seen at the "Draft of Neuer Tiddler"), but I mean 
the big one which I marked with red.

How is that one called? I looked into the elements-inspector but didn't get 
an info from there.

And then, when I know, how it is called, I want to adjust the colour of it 
(and the height at the bottom):

I have many tiddlers just with white background, but also have many 
tiddlers where the content has for example a green background.
But there is still that (unknown) white frame around it, which I marked in 
the picture with red.
I want to have the whole background of the whole tiddler having the same 
colour like the content has.

How to make that?

Does anyone know??

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