Hi community,

I'd like to gather some ideas for dragging links into text areas

The current status is, that dragging a link - from the Recent tab for 
example - into a text area or an input field - creates a link to the 
dragged tiddler like [[tiddler title]]

I've made a pull request so that holding the Ctrl key while dragging 
results in {{tiddler title}}

... and : holding Shift adds a user-defined prefix and a user-defined 
suffix like: 

userdefined prefix: <<im-calling-a-macro """
userdefined suffix: """>>

dragging-result: <<im-calling-a-macro """tiddler-title""">>

... or whatever you want to add as prefix and suffix

Now it would still be possible to add something different when holding Ctrl 
AND Shift while dragging, and therefor I'd like to ask you for ideas
The prefix + suffix implementation is already there, what could be others?


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