Certainly interactive SVG image map is very attractive technique. However, 
I encountered certain difficulties - 

When I tried to insert an external SVG-file with hyperlinks in it by 
dragging-and-dropping the result was also negative.

Does somebody have any idea what's the matter? 

субота, 10 січня 2015 р. 19:33:53 UTC+2 користувач Tobias Beer написав:
> Not precisely; the way to open a tiddler with an HTML anchor link is to 
>> use a permalink like so:
>> <area shape="rect" coords="159,82,230,154" href="#TiddlerName"/>
> Perhaps also interesting...
> Using svg instead of a pixel-based image.
> Interactive SVG Image Map @ tb5 
> <http://tb5.tiddlyspot.com/#Interactive%20SVG%20Image%20Map>
> Best wishes, Tobias.

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