Hi Tony,

my knowledge about remoteStorage is a bit rusty as I did not use it for a 
few years and almost forgot about it. But as I remember the remotestorage 
library works pretty much like pouchdb as it connects to a remote server 
and syncs itself with it when going online. All changes made offline are 
preserved and will be changed when there is a connection established. I 
think from the point of multiple users it behaves as pouchdb (NoteSelf) so 
any shortcomings there apply here as well as both are wrapers around a sync 
mechanism for the local IndexDB and the rest is handled by TW.

I would say NoteSelf and this plugin do pretty much the same thing the only 
difference being that they talk to different backends (remoteStorage or 

I do not know anything about cpanel but judging by a short look at the 
homepage it is a linux hosting so running your own instance of a 
remoteStorage server should be a easy..


On Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 11:52:08 PM UTC+1, TonyM wrote:
> Giovanni,
> I am not immediatly in a position to test this but the following questions 
> arrise;
> Can I host remote storage on cpanel accounts?
> How will it deal with multiple users both view and edit? Similtaniously or 
> serialy.
> Have you seen noteself?, It can also use a pouchdb inside the browser 
> session so changes can be saved locally to the browser even before the 
> equivalent of remoteStorage (couchdb) is connected to. This method may work 
> well with your solution.
> I hope your solution fits well with tiddlywiki because we still have some 
> gaps in hosted tiddlwikis.
> Thanks for your contribution.
> Regards
> Tony

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