This just in from John MacFarlane, the author of Pandoc: 

Your best bet is to make a custom lua writer. 
> pandoc --print-default-data-file sample.lua 
> will give you a sample lua writer that basically 
> imitates pandoc's HTML writer.  You can modify that 
> as you see fit.  See the manual for instructions 
> on using lua writers. 

-- Mark

On Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at 6:18:27 AM UTC-8, Steven Schneider wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I wanted to open / revive a conversation about using TiddlyWiki to add 
> functionality to other types of documents, in this case, Wikipedia pages. 
> In the DesignWriteStudio <> class, we are 
> currently working on importing wikipedia tables through google sheets 
> <>, as well as 
> "tiddlywiki-fying" wikipedia pages by excising and tagging paragraphs, but 
> that will only get us so far.
> I'm interested in being able to take a wikipedia page like the timeline 
> of Russia interference in the 2016 United States elections 
> <>
>  and 
> create tagged tiddlers for each of the, say, 100+ individuals 
> <>
> and 100+ events.
> To that end: I was wondering if anyone has experimented with or mastered 
> the art of ingesting Wikipedia pages (perhaps using text slicer edition 
> <> or perhaps using pandoc 
> <> as an intermediary) into TiddlyWiki?
> Along those lines: has there been any movement to create a Tiddlywiki 
> import/export for pandoc, or to write a custom pandoc filter for wikitext? 
> Pandoc currently supports "Markdown (including CommonMark and 
> GitHub-flavored Markdown), reStructuredText, AsciiDoc, Emacs Org-Mode, 
> Emacs Muse, Textile, txt2tags, MediaWiki markup, DokuWiki markup, TikiWiki 
> markup, TWiki markup, Vimwiki markup, and ZimWiki markup," but not 
> tiddlywiki/wikitext.
> Thanks!
> //steve.

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