Hi all,

First, my sincere thanks to anyone who has shared his works on tiddlywiki 
and its developing. I've been lurking for a couple of years now, never 
posted 'cause I don't like google and until recently didn't have an 
account. Know that even if you don't see many people around, you are of 
great help!

Special thanks for this project go to Jed Carty and his TableMacro plugin 
and GenTags plugin (awesome, can't say that enough!) and Ton Gerner for his 
TW5 toolbar plugin. Also, /u/telmiger helped me quite and saved me hours on 
the tiddlywiki5 subreddit.

So, around an year ago I needed to manage my contacts in such a way that 

* easy to backup
* encryptable (not looking for high standards, just a bit more secure)
* multi-platform
* complex, as people are related, they have groups and so on

So I wrote a tiddlywiki for it, and here it is: 

I've been using it for more than a year now, mostly on mobile phone, and I 
must say I find it perfect for what I need to do. I know it's maybe nothing 
special, but I had to sweat a bit to make it as it is.

A lot of functionalities can easily be added, such as a mailing list 
generator (get me all the email addresses for the group "football"!), make 
it more user friendly on the editing contact name, and so on, but frankly 
is perfect for me so it's alright =D

If you want to add/fix something and make a pull request it will most 
likely be accepted, but also feel free to make this thing your own.

Have a nice day!

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