I took a look at $:/plugins/tiddlywiki/xlsx-utils/xlsx.js, and it's beyond 
me. But I bet someone with js understanding could figure out how to modify 
the xlsx plugin so that TW wrote fields into its new tiddlers using column 
numbers (auto incremented) as field names, rather than the contents of row 
1 as field names. 

It's interesting to here about your setup. Thanks, //steve. 

On Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at 11:18:09 PM UTC-5, Schulerbot wrote:
Hi Steven,

Thanks for responding, true, I can manipulate the spreadsheets easily to 
make this work, but i'm trying to fully optimize before resorting to doing 
that. A little more about my setup.

I have spreadsheet reports emailed as attachments, for several things that 
I get for work, and I spend about an hour of the day grabbing data from 
these reports, manipulating and putting data into other spreadsheets for 
inventories and other action items, would love to automate-ish this work.

For this question, I get a specific report, its something sent to 
customers, a widget report of what we shipped to them. I want to take this 
email with an excel attachment and drag the attachment into my 
tiddlydesktop/tiddlywiki (which I keep open most of the day and use as a 
knowledgebase/intranet) to create a rolling list of shipped assets as a 
database without having to take the step of opening up the spreadsheet 
attachment, manipulating the column titles, saving it to an actual location 
on the machine/server, then importing it to my tiddlywiki. Because this 
spreadsheet is formatted for viewing by customers, it has line breaks in 
the column titles. I tried endless combinations of line change characters, 
formatting, and even updating the xlsx.js code tiddler before posting.

I haven't had a chance to try Jeremy's suggestions yet, but I echo the 
usefulness that an updated controls panel would have for other Excel 
applications, or even to build an entire tiddlywiki via Excel. For my 
application though (importing data repetitively via reports that are 
consistently formatted), this plugin seems to match quite well.


On Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at 5:07:05 PM UTC-5, Steven Schneider wrote:
I'm sure you could fix this if you edited the file. One edit-the-field 
strategies that I've employed: insert a new row at the top of the 
spreadsheet, and generate a set of useable field names. leave the cell 
containing the title field blank in this row; when setting up xlsx import, 
make sure the checkbox "skip if blank" is ticked. I realize this creates an 
step requiring edit of the xlsx file, which as you noted is not something 
you want to do. But you must need to open it to get the column names, no?

If you copy/paste-special-transpose the column names into column1 of 
another sheet in the workbook, you could read in the column names as values 
in tiddlers (you might set the title of the tiddlers to be =row(), which 
would give you a # as a hook. You could then transclude these values to the 
import spec tiddlers ..... but this gets messy quickly.

Jeremy, is there any way to get access to the column number, or is 
everything in the plugin running on column names (i.e. the text in row1 of 
the column)?

I've long wanted the xlsx import plugin to be modified so that there was an 
option to name the fields Column1, Column2, etc to avoid these issues. 
Similarly, set the title of imported tiddlers as Row1, Row2, etc. An 
additional feature might create tiddlers for each Column, and populate the 
caption field for these tiddlers with the contents of Row 1. And populate 
the caption field of the row tiddlers with the contents of a specified 

This would save much of the tedium of building xlsx imports, especially for 
large spreadsheets.


On Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at 4:32:44 AM UTC-5, Jeremy Ruston wrote:
Hi Mike

Trying to import excel spreadsheet report repetitively to create database 
of tiddlers.
In the primary row of the excel sheet, where the column titles are that 
specify the pointers for the field import specification, I have a couple 
columns with line breaks (ALT-Enter in Excel)...Not my choice

How do i specify the line break character in the "column" field of the 
plugin control so that the plugin finds the correct column and 
corresponding data to put in the field upon import?

Seeing if I have an option here besides manipulating the excel data. I'd 
rather just import the existing report as-is that is e-mailed to me.

Interesting problem! As you’ll have discovered, attempts to copy the line 
break character from Excel and paste it into the editor of the XSLX plugin 
don’t work. The reason is that those single line text fields don’t allow 
control characters.

A possible workaround is to identify the tiddler field(s) that need to have 
these control characters pasted, and to edit those fields in a scrap 
tiddler via a textarea:

<$edit-text tiddler="$:/_importspec/Presidents and 
Justices/States/Main/title" field="import-field-column" tag="textarea"/>

Then you should be able to paste the required line breaks into the fields.

The problem you’ll then likely run into is that control characters are 
removed from tiddler fields when you save and reload as a standalone HTML 
file. A quick and dirty workaround would be to save the wiki in JSON format 
(via the export button).

Best wishes




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