Whenever you want to concatenate something, like the result of a variable 
and a tiddler name, think of macros -- that's mainly what they do. This 
script seems to work:

\define price() {{pricetiddler##$(stock)$}} 
<$list filter="[tag[computer]sort[title]]" variable="stock">
<<stock>> price = $<<price>>


-- Mark

On Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at 9:53:31 AM UTC-8, Stephen Kimmel wrote:
> Per my usual, I'm fairly certain that this is easy... I just can't figure 
> it out.
> I have a lot of tiddlers named with the stock symbol. The tiddler for Ford 
> is named F, for example. while the tiddler for Disney is named DIS. I want 
> to create a data/dictionary tiddler called pricetiddler that will have the 
> stock marker tickers symbols and the prices. So the data tiddler might look 
> like :
> APPL:175.07
>> DIS:103.13
>> F:10.51
>> MSFT:92.87
> I want this in a dictionary tiddler so I can change all the numbers in one 
> shot rather than changing a field in each of the tiddlers individually. 
> Finally I want to create lists using something like
>  <$list filter="[tag[computer]sort[title]]" variable="stock"> 
>> <<stock>> price = ${{pricetiddler##<<stock>>}}
>> </$list>
> and create a list like:
> APPL price = $175.07
>> MSFT price = $92.87
> So far, no combination of symbols has given me what I want. Can someone 
> tell me what I'm missing?

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