BTW, these were great instructions. They were added as a PR and merged and 
should appear in the next release.

-- Mark

On Saturday, March 10, 2018 at 10:02:47 AM UTC-8, wjam wrote:
> *Backup*:
> You can Export your recently modified tiddlers to JSON using advanced 
> search (magnifier in sidebar) then select Filter tab.
> Enter the follwing filtertext manualy 
> *[!is[system]!sort[modified]limit[25]]*
> ---
> To make things easier I've attached two tiddlers 
> ''$:/plugins/wjam/emergencyExport2JSON.json'' size 2k 
> ''$:/plugins/wjam/emergencyExport2JSON_tiny.json'' 
> size 400b both will add a dropdown option (\/) to the Filtertext box. The 
> tiny version does not include documentation.
> Drag one of the two json file to your wiki and drop it on the topline of 
> your wiki.A green line will appear. Drop the file on the wiki. An import 
> tiddler appears. Then press the [import] button in the $:/Import tiddler. 
> The new option is called ''EMERGENCY JSON export, backup 25 most recent 
> modified tiddlers''. 
> Now you can now easily choose this option from the dropdown in the Filter 
> Tab.
> ---
> Check the generated list of tiddlers.
> Adjust the number "25" to make sure you have found  all your recently 
> modified tiddlers.
> Then press the bucket with the up arrow [_*^*_] which appears on the 
> right.
> It will ask for a location to store the tiddlers into a file called 
> tiddlers.json on your local drive. Optionally add a description or date to 
> the filename. Then press save.
> *Backup / export individual tiddlers:*
> You can also export individual tiddlers from the viewtoolbar of a tiddler, 
> choose  \/ (=more) , then choose [_*^*_] export tiddler , then choose 
> JSON file.
> *Restore/import:*
> The local json file can be imported using paperclip in Tools tab in the 
> sidebar. 
> Or drag and drop the file from file explorer/finder on the top line of the 
> story river of another tiddlywiki . (Press Esc if you change your mind ;-). 
> You can (de)select specific tiddlers in the $:/Import tiddler.
> Then press [import].
> ---
> Njoy 
> KR wjam

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