Hi all

I created an html table in Tiddlywiki, and needed to add rowspans to the 
first column. I discovered that it was pushing the rowspan to the last 
column of the table. So I figured it was the TiddlyWiki syntax for colspans 
and rowspans that was causing the problem.

So I changed the tiddler type to text/html. This did indeed allow me to do 
colspans and rowspans normally.

But now I have two problems:

1. Since it is a long table (31 rows), it is putting the table in a box and 
making it vertical scroll.
2. Nothing from the stylesheet for that TiddlyWiki applies to the table. So 
for example, cell padding I would have to apply to EVERY cell.

How might I get the table to display without the vertical scroll, and what 
options do I have for creating global styles for the table?

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