I don't have a strait answer, but will let you know where I am going with 
this should it help.

There are multiple ways to do this and I am planning to build something 
similar using tabs and sub-tiddlers, but I am also developing a Form 
Tiddler and related tools. 
This will allow any tiddler to be given fields to define the form, and with 
a click copy these form fields to a give tiddler.

However in another solution I am developing if a tag or field exists in a 
tiddler it offers to create other related fields as needed. 
One example, a tiddler tagged view template tests for the existence of a 
field and displays buttons to add additional fields as needed.
In this way the field builds up from actions that create the fields rather 
than creating them in advance.

I am using one of the MyMenus in my first release plugin 
at http://tiddlywiki.psat.com.au/mymenus/ that appears on all tiddlers to 
create the first field, that then triggers the tools to create, edit and 
time stamp additional fields. That is the form is built by the process, 
rather than build a form and manipulate it with processes.

Arguably you could build your whole solution in a set of menus, that 
progressively appear as needed. This would allow you to drag and drop the 
menus on any wiki with MyMenus installed and the process will work.

My "Real world" application is to define a problem description through to 
undertaking a root cause analysis in a tiddler.


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