We're talking about small bookmarks. It doesn't have to be triple-vetted 
(it's all going to be vetted 2x -- once for the submission and 2nd when it 
gets merged). Mediocre ideas and sensational ideas might live hand-in-hand 
in harmony. The thing is, they wouldn't be lost.

-- Mark

On Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at 7:00:14 AM UTC-7, @TiddlyTweeter wrote:
> +1
> I think that would be a good step. The issues arise in how to "metadata 
> it" & whether it should go through "peer approval." My sense is that its 
> "yet more work." I mean, WHO is gonna organise this?
> One thing I thought about was posting links to such "special posts" to 
> Twitter. I've largely held off because I don't feel (1) I have enough 
> competence to judge what is best; (2) not enough hours in the day as one 
> person to get it "rightly thorough". The upside would be that I could Tweet 
> just those links from a TW and then publish that TW as a resource, properly 
> tagged. I'd be perfectly happy to do that as a "holding area" for something 
> that could then also get more seriously considered. But I could not 
> reliably do the decision part of what to include alone.
> Best wishes
> Josiah
> Mark S. wrote:
>> The complaint has been made frequently that good stuff posted in this 
>> forum gets lost. <snip>
>> How about we have a Bookmark section consisting primarily of a succinct 
>> title, a brief description, and a link to interesting threads in this 
>> forum? Ok, it could be to other discussions too, such as on reddit.

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