Progress, looking great.

I could not get this working due to something neither of us were aware of, 
I had a windows app installed for NodeJS, So tiddlywiki.exe was opening 
that session in my browser and I never got to see the "Welcome to the 
MultiUser TiddlyWiki."  Somehow they clash, I was not getting "*under that 
say something like "Serving on <>0", 
only *Websockets listening on  8081, nothing was found on 8082 or any other 

Removing the nodeJS from windows Apps & Features resolved this. I can now 

It is looking fantastic, I have observed the update of tiddlers across 2 
browser sessions. 
I would like to understand how to break this so as to know how to avoid a 
clash it at all possible.

I am now looking into hosting exiting other wikis, the instructions read

*Go to the Node Settings tab in the $:/ControlPanel 
<> and give the wiki a name and 
list its path in the wikis section like this:*

*'otherwiki': ~/Documents/TiddlyWiki/Wikis/MultiUser*

 There is no apparent wikis section in the Node settings.

Can you please tell me what this looks like, and potentially update the 
instructions to make this clear?

I am guessing something like


What does "~" Refer to?, Most of my single file and NodeJS wikis are 
located under;
With tiddlywiki.exe installed in

Thanks in Advance

On Monday, March 12, 2018 at 8:38:09 PM UTC+11, Jed Carty wrote:
> Version 0.0.2 is up so you may have better luck with that. Also do you 
> have the windows firewall blocking things automatically? I can't test on 
> windows but you may have to tell it to allow the server to run or make an 
> exception for node.

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