I ran into this problem last year. You aren't doing anything wrong. The 
reason for this happening is simple. Apache (and IIS) do not sent an 
updated etag value with the response to the PUT request (webdav save 
method) because you can add post-processing to the PUT request that would 
change the file (common with things like GIT where change headers are 
added). This means that the Apache (and IIS) can't be positive that the 
file that would be sent for a subsequent GET request would be identical to 
what was sent with the PUT request. So, it is inappropriate for the web 
server to include the etag header in the response to the PUT request.

The client application (tiddlywiki running in your browser) should 
follow-up the PUT request with a GET request to get an update to the 
tiddlywiki file after the PUT finishes to ensure that all affected changes 
are reflected in what you have in your browser. This would also provide an 
updated etag value and solve the 412 issue.

I have tested the above with Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Safari on Windows, 
Linux, and OSX (where the software was available to me) with the Apache web 
server (version 2.4) running on Linux, FreeBSD, Windows 7, and Windows 10 
as well as IIS running on both Windows 7 and Windows 10. They all behave 
the same way.

There was discussion of this many months ago on 

The only reliable work-around I've found to-date is to reload the web page 
after each save of tiddlywiki.

My Apache web server uses WebDav for tiddlywiki and I use the 
post-processing to make a backup (similar to how tiddlyspot has a backup 
directory) of changes to the files. It's not available for general use 
because of the etag issue.

On Monday, April 2, 2018 at 2:20:25 PM UTC-4, Kevin Kleinfelter wrote:
> I'm trying TW from an Apache WebDAV server.  I'm getting
>     Error while saving:
>     XMLHttpRequest error code: 412
> All I did was to load a brand new TW file into my browser via 
>, add a new tiddler, and let the 
> auto-save do its thing.  I did no concurrent updating from another browser 
> or on the server.  I tried 3 times (starting with a new browser each time).
> I *think* my WebDAV is configured correctly:
>    - I connected to it via Mac Finder, and added/deleted/renamed files 
>    without error.
>    - I was able to retrieve a file via: curl --user "userid:password" 
>    http://myserver/webdav/testfile.html --digest -o testfile.html
>    - I was able to put a file via: curl --user "userid:password" 
>    http://myserver/webdav/ --upload-file testfile.html --digest
> When I look at the Apache access log I notice these two PUTs (first is the 
> TW put; second is the curl put):
>    - "PUT /webdav/testfile.html HTTP/1.1" 412 558 "
>"; "Mozilla/5.0 blah-blah"
>    - "PUT /webdav/testfile.html HTTP/1.1" 204 289 "-" "curl/7.54.0"
> Clearly, the difference in the PUT request formats triggers a 412 error 
> when TW PUTs the data.
> The Apache webdav and DavLock folders are owned and writable by www-data.  
> The DavLock db and the document files are owned and writable by www-data.
> What am I doing wrong?  

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