In order:

I am sure there is some way to make this run without a terminal opening, 
but I suspect that it would require an additional wrapper on the 
executable. I can look into it but I have the process for building these 
automated because I don't use them (I have my wikis running on a server I 
carry around) finding out the os-specific wrappers needed to suppress the 
terminal is going to be a low priority.

Tiddlers are saved individually right after editing them (but for now 
drafts are not saved), so unless you kill the server almost immediately 
after making a change everything should be saved, and even if you do kill 
the server right after making a change only that change would be lost.

Yes, it looks in the folder where the executable is. I have a usb stick 
with all there executables on it and can plug it into a computer with 
windows osx or linux and run it with the same wikis. The executable is just 
the node version of tiddlywiki with the multiuser plugin packaged into a 
single executable that give the wiki path as ./IndexWiki. There is a little 
bit more that creates the index wiki if it doesn't already exist and to 
open up the wiki automatically in the default browser, but as far as normal 
operation goes it is the same. And if you want to use the wikis the normal 
way using node they are just normal wikis.

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