What's the "type" of your tiddler?

As you seem to understand JavaScript, have a look at the getTiddler 

exports.getTiddlerData = function(titleOrTiddler,defaultData) {
        var tiddler = titleOrTiddler,
        if(!(tiddler instanceof $tw.Tiddler)) {
                tiddler = this.getTiddler(tiddler);     
        if(tiddler && tiddler.fields.text) {
                switch(tiddler.fields.type) {
                        case "application/json":
                                // JSON tiddler
                                try {
                                        data = JSON.parse(tiddler.fields.text);
                                } catch(ex) {
                                        return defaultData;
                                return data;
                        case "application/x-tiddler-dictionary":
        return defaultData;

Maybe this clarifies why you cannot access CSV data?

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