Ciao Sean

I agree that Mermaid for TiddlyWiki is good. Its simple plain text syntax 
is excellent and fits TW editing style very well. 

Regarding the non-printability. That is a known issue with that type of 
graphic rendering. I'm not sure that its easily fixable. The way I get 
round it if I need to print a Mermaid diagram is to take a screen capture 
save as a file and link to that image in the TW. Its too laborious a method 
for other than occasional use, but a work-around for limited cases.

You are right: looks like its been basically abandoned. Part of the issue 
is I think the author probably concluded that no one was interested. He has 
other good graphic tools that equally haven't got much notice.

As far as I can see it needs a bit of tweeking -- one issue I sometimes 
encountered was getting the text to fit properly. But the core is there and 

As far as getting the plugin revised. I dunno. I don't have skill for that. 
Its a good tool so maybe in time interest to revisit it will grow?

Best wishes

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