TiddlyFor is a personal wiki, small and single self-content html file for 
Fortran programmer. It features fortran syntax highlighting, customized 
stylesheets, noteboxes, ....

Thank you to TiddlyWiki developer and TW community!

 - Can be used for note taking, code documentation
 - TiddlyFor is an another edition of TiddlyWiki

TiddlyFor is a flavor of TiddlyWiki. It is actually a new edition.

TiddlyFor is a single file, self-content wiki for fortran programmer but 
can be used for any other purposes. Its main feature is:


   - Syntax highlighting for modern Fortran
   - Support math formula through katex
   - Colorful notebox (Classic Note, Notebox, Framedbox)
   - Customized stylesheets (Custom Styles, Native TW box)


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