Recently over on the DesignWriteStudio 
<!forum/designwrite> Google Group I 
witnessed very clearly the issue around limits of TW scalability (read 

Its kinda depressing in that TW offers all the tools for innovative 
organisation but often fails once the volume of Tiddlers goes beyond modest 
numbers (a few thousand).

That said, wardjh's 85K Tiddler wiki does function, albeit at the speed of 
a snail with a heavy stone on its back. 

Such performance is unviable for anything public online. BUT its perhaps 
okay for using TW to PREPARE content for transport to another system that 
will do the final publish. 

I don't see much discussion, well, any, discussion of TW as a very useful 
PREPARATION tool. Its flexibility seems to me ideal for positioning between 
inputs for re-arrangement and outputs optimally structured for 
other systems.

I thought some of the comments by Mark S. about performance (from another 
thread) in general were interesting & worth noting too.

Best wishes

wardjh wrote ...

> Since my original project of 85,000 tweet records ran too slow to make it 
> pretty much worthless I scaled down the project. 8-(
> Still have some work to do in it. 
> You can find the new project - (2,800 
> Tiddlers)
> Old project can be found - 
> <>
> (85,000 Tiddlers)

Mark S. wrote ...

> There's no indexing system in TW, and thus no scalability. Indexed 
> databases were able to handle hundreds of thousands of records even with 
> 1980s hardware. 
> There's a way to send empty tiddlers via the server that only get 
> populated on demand. The problem then is that your search will only see the 
> titles and tags (fields ??) for searching. But if what you wanted was link 
> and tag based (without depending on text searches) then it should work OK. 
> You would need a separate (or enhanced) search box to fetch tiddlers from 
> the server directly. 
> Or, maybe someone could write a system that would store an index to the 
> current TW's text context. Then a special search would look through the 
> index and use that for creating a list of links of tiddlers. The tiddlers 
> would become populated when clicked on. The index would be updated on 
> saving (harder) or on demand. 

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