I found two interesting pages that are quite up-to-date and talk about 
javascript performance on nodejs (v8) and the second on firefox:

>From the second link, requestIdleCallback() appears to be very interesting 
- if the browser support is given. It reschedules workloads to idle-time 
like requestAnimationFrame()
This page shows a shim if there's no support for 
it: https://developers.google.com/web/updates/2015/08/using-requestidlecallback

I tested my latest chrome, firefox, brave browser and beaker browser and 
they're all supporting it
I just put this in the developer console: 

if ('requestIdleCallback' in window) {
} else {

This benchmark https://jsperf.com/object-keys-vs-for-in-with-closure/10  
tells me that Object.keys with a for loop - and for (key in object) are 
pretty much the fastest cross-browser
It also suggests that Object.keys().forEach ... should be avoided, it's 44% 
slower than the fastest in my benchmark


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