Oh, that is unfortunate. I use Object.keys.forEach a lot in my plugins 
because it is convenient for me to type. Also reading about how the 
performance of for (property in object) {..} type loops is changing is 
interesting. It is going to be less efficient than the 
object.keys().foreach option in node 8 due to some serious performance hits 
to it and then in the next version it should go back to being much faster 
(in node, in the browser from what I can see it is just faster).

It isn't a difficult change so I guess I am going to be spending some time 
today updating plugins.

Another thing that I have been looking at is not sending plugins to the 
browser if they only affect the node process. For the core tiddlywiki 
plugins I think that this is just the filesystem plugin but for what I have 
been working on there have been more. This probably won't make a difference 
in the normal performance of a wiki but it should make the file loaded in 
the browser smaller and hopefully give a shorter load time.

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