Almost a year later, and I'm most of the way to a keystroke to close the 
current view-mode tiddler.

   - I added tabindex="1" to the div in ViewTemplate.  This makes it 
   possible to select a view-mode tiddler.
   - I wrapped the div with: <$keyboard key="alt-W" 

With a story river full of view-mode tiddlers, I can tab among tiddlers and 
press alt-W to close the selected tiddlers.

When I navigate to a tiddler, I'd like to automatically set focus to it.  
I'd like it if clicking on a link to a tiddler not only opened/scrolled to 
it, it would set focus to that tiddler.  I don't care so much about 
scrolling, because I typically operate in zoomin mode.  

Now that I've given it a tabindex, is there a way I can set focus to the 
currently zoomed tiddler when it zooms?

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